Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy

Our privacy policy is intended to allow Austin Blanks to exchange necessary information with you while protecting your information from disclosure to others. Austin Blanks will not intentionally share your information with anyone other than Austin Blanks representatives and Austin Blanks order processors unless legally required to do so.

Site usage patterns

Austin Blanks, or its consultants, may monitor and maintain statistics on the general usage of Austin Blanks may use this basic information to assist it in developing a better website for our customers. Austin Blanks does not disclose this information to third parties unless legally required to do so.

Contact us

Austin Blanks provides the “Contact” page on to allow you to reach us directly with your questions or comments. Your use of, and the “Contact” page, is subject to the terms of use found under “legal statement” at We read every message and try to reply promptly. The information received through our contact form is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. Austin Blanks will not intentionally share any information that you send through our contact form with any third party unless legally required to do so.

How do I tell Austin Blanks that I don’t want to be on their e-mail list anymore?

When you contact Austin Blanks, you are given the option to decide whether you want to receive promotional information from Austin Blanks regarding news and information about Austin Blanks products, events, chicken farming, etc. If you no longer want to be contacted by Austin Blanks via e-mail for these purposes, you may send a request to Austin Blanks in accordance with the latest newsletter’s “removal instructions.” If you have not received a newsletter yet, or can’t seem to find your newsletter with its removal instructions, you can contact Austin Blanks using the online contact form. If you use the online contact form, please put something to the effect of “please remove me from your mailing list” in the message box and include your email address so we know who to remove! Please allow us a reasonable time to remove you from our e-mail distribution list.

Will my account information be disclosed to third parties?

No way! Austin Blanks will not intentionally disclose your account information to any third party. Austin Blanks reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation of alleged unlawful activities by our customers or others who may access Austin Blanks. We will also disclose your information to third parties if, in the opinion of our attorney, Austin Blanks is legally obligated to do so. Austin Blanks will have no liability for such disclosures.

How can I contact Austin Blanks if I have concerns regarding my privacy?

If you have questions at any time regarding our privacy policy, you may contact Austin Blanks by using the “Contact” link in the navigation bar.

Is it safe to make online purchases from Austin Blanks?

Shopping online with Austin Blanks is extremely safe and secure. Not a single customer of Austin Blanks has ever reported that someone fraudulently obtained credit card information used to make an on-line purchase from Austin Blanks.

What technology does Austin Blanks use to ensure the security of credit card transactions?

We are committed to maintaining high standards in credit card security to protect the information you provide when you make a purchase at Austin Blanks. Our Merchant Services are provided on PayPal’s servers, which use secure sockets layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology, to protect the storage and transfer of your data from unauthorized parties. When you are making an online order and get to the stage of entering your credit card information, you will be transferred to PayPal’s servers to complete the transaction – if you see the little closed lock at the bottom right of your browser info bar, you know you’re safe!