Our Story

Everybody loves mail. And everybody in their right mind loves Austin. That's why we started Austin Blanks in 2008 – to bring all the hidden and iconic wonders of our city to you and your friends' mailboxes. Whether you're in Dubai or New Zealand, Iceland or the UK, Austin Blanks is bringing you the warmth and weirdness of Austin, TX.

Every purchase from Austin Blanks supports our local community. Not only do we credit and support local artists whose images you see on our products – but we also donate proceeds to local foundations. After all, arts and community are at the core of what this great city is all about.

Community partners we support

Superhero Kids

Superhero Kids is a volunteer-driven non-profit that provides quality-of-life assistance to families undergoing treatment for cancers or blood disorders.

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Todd Sanders

Todd Sanders is the man behind the infamous “Greetings From Austin” mural on the wall of his abode, Roadside Relics, where all the magic happens.

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NIZ is a Peruvian-born, female stencil artist based out of Austin, known for her multi-layered photo-realistic stencil work and skateboard art.

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Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is one of Austin's most beloved artists / singers / songwriters.

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Aralyn Hughes

For more than 33 years Aralyn Hughes has been an icon in Austin helping to keep the city as bright, colorful, and unique as she is.

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Creative Suitcase

Creative Suitcase is an award-winning marketing, design, and interactive firm that amplifies Austin’s most-loved brands, and those that want to be.

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Federico Archuleta

Federico Archuleta, someone we are proud to call a friend, is the very definition of an original, genuine article.

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Causes we love

For Austin Blanks, inspiration comes from all around – including from artists you won't see listed above because they don't want recognition for their work. They have instead asked us to encourage you to donate to these organizations that are meaningful to them.